TV and Photojournalism Ethics

This section deals with ethical issues that arise when news is reported through images. It covers both photojournalism and television journalism.

There are links to photojournalistic codes of ethics, discussion forums, and examples of how audiences have been deceived through the digital manipulation of pictures.
National Press Photographs Association code of ethics
Photojournalism ethics guidelines
Book chapter on photojournalism ethics’ “timeless issues”

India-based site on television journalism, includes section on ethics and tips for interviewing

Technology is controversial. Pat Fletcher, pictured here, has a hidden camera implanted in her sunglasses, attached to an earpiece and a laptop that’s contained in her backpack. She’s no reporter, though – the hidden camera helps her see the world, despite her blindness. Some people act unnerved she uses a device and not her eyes to observe them. Photo by Barbara Schweizer
Database of JMME articles on photojournalism and television ethics
Examples of high-profile images that have been digitally manipulated
Discussion of photojournalism ethics at
Online self-study course in photojournalism and trauma

Quick Study:

JOURNAL: Special Issue on Photojournalism Ethics, Journal of Mass Media Ethics, vol. 2, no. 2, 1987.


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