Reporting and Editing Ethics

In this section you’ll find hints, tips and advice for making ethical decisions as a reporter or editor.

There are also links to several online, self-study courses on how to handle contemporary situations in which journalists are likely to face ethical dilemmas, such as covering terrorism and traumatic events.

For two weeks in Vienna, all advertisements were blanked out with yellow. Photo by Clemens Koppensteiner.
Archive of tips for ethical reporting
Basic guide to ethics from the Online Journalism Review
A collection of real-world cases where ethical decisions must be made
Covering crime and justice
Advice for ethically interviewing crime and accident victims and their families
Advice for dealing with competing pressures in the newsroom
A four-point ethical checklist for reporting on international conflicts
Guide to balancing business pressures and journalism values
Search for journalism training seminars by date, topic and region (USA)
Avoiding plagiarism
Online self-study course in journalism and trauma
Online self-study course in covering terrorism
Online self-study course in what to expect during the first 24 hours after a traumatic news event


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