Ethics Experts and Associations

Facing an ethical dilemma? Need someone to interview about a complex ethical subject?

You’ll find people to call in this section, as well as some interesting articles by journalism ethics experts
“Find a media ethics expert” -- list provided by the Media Ethics Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Charles Glass, Seymour Hirsch, Robert Fisk and John Pilger on “Reporting War” at Columbia University. Photo by Marjorie Lipan
Experts available for interviews at the International Centre for Journalists
Ethics Hotline, if you need advice. Toll free number: 1-866-DILEMMA
Journalism ethics expert at the University of Richmond
Journalism ethics expert at Loyola University
Journalism ethics bibliography from the Poynter Institute
List of articles from ethics experts at the Online Journalism Review
Payne Awards for ethics in journalism


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