Accountability and Complaints

Upset at a news report or news organization? Where should you turn?

A good place to start is to read this section. It contains links to press and broadcast councils, ombudsmen and other media entities where you can register a complaint or express concerns.

Photo by Elvert Barnes
Organization of News Ombudsmen, includes links to many ombuds
Site is dedicated to media accountability and “contains the largest collection of press codes of conduct in the world”
Media Accountability Systems – a comprehensive ethics site affiliated with the Missouri School of Journalism
Links to press councils all over the world
New York Times Public Editor
National Public Radio (USA) Ombudsman
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Ombudsman
Minnesota News Council – “Promoting fair, vigorous and trusted journalism since 1970”
British Columbia Press Council
Ontario Press Council
Quebec Press Council (en francais)
Alberta Press Council
Manitoba Press Council
British Press Complaints Commission
Australian Press Council


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