FEATURE ARTICLES: Journalism and Holocaust Deniers

Timeline of Events

Feb. 8-16 AEPi fraternity sanctioned for unruly party; Badger Herald files numerous stories. Anonymous comments on paper’s Web site take on anti-Semitic tones
Feb. 11 Herald changes online comment policy; will now screen submissions and remove offensive comments
Feb. 17 Herald advertising rep receives online ad request from Bradley Smith, Herald staffer examines link in Smith online ad, Herald accepts ad, $75 for 30 days
Feb. 18 Smith ad goes up on badgerherald.com, linking to Holocaust denial website
Feb. 23

UW-Hillel, campus Jewish organization, conveys student objections to Herald; informs of Smith’s history of campus recruitment. Board of Directors makes decision to keep the advertisement.

Feb. 25 Herald Editor writes piece defending the running of the advertisement.
Feb. 28

Herald editor learns of nature of Smith’s activities in spamming the campus community

Mar. 2 Herald Board of Directors deliberates, decides again not to remove the advertisement
Mar. 3 UW students host Holocaust memorial demonstration on campus
Mar. 4 UW hosts forum on “Journalism, Ethics and Sensitivity”
Mar. 5 Board of Directors meets again, decides not to remove advertisement
Mar. 7 Board meets one last time, decides once more not to remove the advertisement, but then places a disclaimer buffer page before the CODOH site.


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