April 30 – May 1, 2009

Conference: The Future of Ethical Journalism

Reflections of a Legacy Journalist

Lee Wilkins, University of Missouri, May 5, 2009

Lee WilkinsLee Wilkins offers her candid thoughts – and worries – as she attended The Future of Ethical Journalism.
It is almost impossible to attend a gathering of journalists – either of the academic or practical varieties – without considering the future of the profession. This looming question is an under current in every room and most conversations, but it seldom truly bubbles to the surface. Read more >

Ethics Essential to Democratic Journalism

Stephen J. A. Ward, May 4, 2009

Stephen J. A. WardThe future of journalism must include ethics, or journalism won’t serve democracy. That was a recurring theme among journalists, media scholars, and ethicists at The Future of Ethical Journalism, the first annual ethics conference of the Center for Journalism Ethics on May 1. An international group of 23 panelists and moderators engaged in intense discussions on the future of journalism – and the future of ethics in journalism. Read more >

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